Thursday, January 13, 2011

While I'm thinking about it

I just threw the whites in the washer and Bugga is putting his toys away in his playroom.  I'm totally going to win this!  And yes, I'm the only one competing in the housekeeping division and probably the only one that cares.  Wait... my boy will probably like wearing underwear to school tomorrow so I bet he's rooting for me.  ANYWHOS!

I sat down here to get a blog fix and wasn't sure which category I should start checking first.  There are so many to choose from and I listed out most of of them in my first post.  It got me thinking about how overwhelming this whole Stepford journey is right now because there really aren't too many areas of my life that don't need to be overhauled.  Hubs would probably disagree because he thinks I'm perfect but I pay him to say that.  So here's my list of very vague life topics that I gots to get goin' on!

  • Housekeeping - This includes the cleanliness of the house overall, laundry and dishes.
  • Remodeling - We bought a house in July 2010 and still haven't finished upacking, let alone decorated or remodeled.  My butt (fat as it may be) needs to get a move on!
  • Organization - With a little one and a big one (I'm talking about my boys!), a house and job, there is alot that goes on in our tiny corner of the world.  I feel like organizing our belongings and planning for things like meals will help organize our schedules by default.
  • Weight - This is a big one... both my body and the goal.  This will probably deserve a weekly post dedicated solely to this battle.
  • Hobbies - I need to work on getting a life and doing things I enjoy. Two things I'd like to focus on are learning to use my pretty DSLR camera and becoming a crafting fool.
I'm sure I've left things out, but as I said, these are just broad areas to focus on.  What else does a Stepford wife/ mom need to be perfect at?

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