Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I feel like I just began my search for "perfection" and I'm already sucking at it.  My parents are coming to stay with us Friday night and I just looked around my house and literally had a panic attack.  Woe is me and my ready-to-be-condemned home!  It seems that I can focus on or two areas of improvement and any more than that sends me reeling for the closest bottle of liquor.  (Or Leinenkugel's Berry Weiss as the case may be tonight.) 

Oddly enough I'm doing really well with the menu planning AND executing.  That's a first.  Normally I can plan the hell out of something and then promptly lose all interest in actually making it, you know, HAPPEN!   So I did my meal plan, went to Sam's Club and Wal-mart to secure all needed ingredients, and then (get this) actually have made the planned dinner for the last three nights!  Go me!!  And yes, I feel that this deserves a large pat on the back seeing as how I am one lazy-ass mo'fo' (see also; whole blog for reference).  AND tonights dinner was even healthy.... O.M.G  AND, and... I exercised tonight.  OK, I kicked my 5 year old's ass on Dance Central and Just Dance, but I was moving dammit!

So with the focus on meal planning and execution as well as trying to throw some healthy shit in the mix... my house has fallen into disrepair.  So I'm torn.  Do I a) just focus on keeping up momentum in the aforementioned areas or b) slack back down to mediocre and add household management skills into the ringer?  I'm leaning towards keeping up my good works so far and making them habit before adding in anything else.  I'll have to have an all-night-power-clean before the parentals arrive which will probably shred the last of my sanity... but HEY, dinner will be served!

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  1. I agree, get in the groove of what ur doing, then add once it becomes simpler and a habit.
    lets face it- 1) you will feel like youve acheived something, so will feel good. and
    2) if youre well fed with good wholesome food and moving, your energy levels will increase so you should feel more like you want to do other stuff!