Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What's for dinner beeyotch?

Normally I consider a frozen pizza or maybe some McD's a satisfying dinner.  Unfortunately my wallet, waistline and boys tend to disagree. 

Some of my favorite types of blogs right now are those that focus on organizing one's life.  It is the first of the year and I'm usually a follower... so yeah.  These are some of the blogs I referred to in my last post as making me feel a wee bit ashamed. 

I'm trying to get started on these "menu plans" everybody is always recommending, but it's slow going.  I tend to take my time getting things set up in Excel and little time actually using them. So I've put in plenty of "laptop-on-the-couch" getting these menus set up, but still haven't really used it.  For now I'm doing things the easy way and planning out two weeks at a time, but taking a note from Little Birdie Secrets and not assigning a specific meal each day.  I'm making a list of 10 meals for 14 days time assuming that we will eat out, have leftovers and at least one night I can guarantee I will make my husband and child forage for crackers or ramen noodles in the pantry because Mommy wants to read blogs so please go away!  Starting off we'll just do our tried and true family favorites and maybe I'll experiment on the extra nights with new recipes.  Don't get me started on all of the food and recipe blogs I follow...

Tonight we're experiencing a snowpocalypse and I had no desire to venture out to the grocery store or Taco Bell so I pulled out our usual standby, Broiled Tilapia Parmesan.  All three of us LOVE this recipe.  It's so easy to pull together and I always eyeball the ingredients and change up the spices and somehow it turns out great every time.  We always keep a box of frozen tilapia in our freezer chest and I'm betting most people have parmesan cheese, mayonnaise and butter in their fridge.  I also misread the recipe the first time I made it and added mustard and now I always include it. 

If I can pull this off for dinner, everyone else certainly can too.  Once I'm done with my menu planning escapade I'll let you guys know what approach I decided to go with.


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  1. I finally caved and made an account. youre my first comment! and I totally used the same template but didnt realise til i came back to you ;)