Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hello? Is this thing on?

Hi I'm JC and I'm a slob! 
(Welcome, JC!)
I was reading one of the 105 blogs I follow in my Google reader, sipping my can of pop (Pepsi if you must know!) and munching on some Cool Ranch Doritos when it hit me...
I need to stop being inspired shamed by these people and get the hell off the internet and DO something!
So I decided to start a blog.  I never said my logic made sense...
I am overweight, lazy and borderline depressed with myself.  Not my life, because that's pretty frackin great right now, but with me, myself and I.  I can do better than this. And I know my two favorite guys want better for me too.  So here I am.
I'm mom to a 5 year old boy and newlywed to my awesome-sauce hubby.  We bought a house, moved cities and got married last year.  I don't give details on the first date so you'll have to stick with me to hear how all of that came about.  Needless to say, I spent the rest of 2010 "relaxing" because I "deserved a break" and basically got lost in my couch.  I need accountability folks and this little blog will hopefully provide that.
My goal is to go from super slob to stepford-like mom/wife.  Everyone else seems to have their shit together way better than I do and I want in on the action.  I read cooking blogs, crafting blogs, home remodeling blogs, daily fashion blogs and even shopping blogs.  I bookmark things and think "Gosh, I could totally do that and will when (insert every lazy excuse you can think of)." 
NO MORE peeps!
I'm going to get off my lazy ass, get in shape, do laundry, cook a few meals and maybe even throw in a craft or three.  Also... try to look good while doing it all.
Will this blog be another thing I don't do well?  Probably.  I'm nothing if not consistent in my laziness.

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