Friday, January 28, 2011

And she got up!

Yes, you read that right.  Today I got off the couch!  HALLELUJAH!

I think I've found the key to making the most of my Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Make plans.  Yep, it seems to be that easy.  As long as I have a reason to get up and get going in the morning I remain upright.

Today's excuse was the wonderful Culligan Man who came to install our new water softener.  He was due to arrive between 11a & 1p so I had to get up and get breakfast for everyone (this entails me sitting at the computer eating cereal) and get ready for the day because we had some plans, yo.  My goal was to clean this morning because we had a play date scheduled for the afternoon at our house.  That didn't quite happen.  Hubbs let  me sleep in and by the time I got ready (wet hair, no makeup but clean!) the Culligan Man was ringing our doorbell.  So I figured I would clean while he was doing the install.  No dice.  They had our water shut off most of the time so I just picked up as best I could and resorted to using my Ready Mop instead of the real thing.   And it was fantabulous because snoozing on the couch with the Culligan guy there just wasn't a possibility.  No sooner had he left than our friends arrived and I was busy with that until nearly Bugga's bedtime.  It felt great!  I actually have more energy now (past midnight!) then I have for days.  I guess it is true; laziness totally leads to more laziness. 

Also, hosting play dates at my house means I have to clean.  Public shaming is an excellent motivator.  Anytime I clean Bugga asks who's coming over.  Sad, huh?


  1. yes, lounging around does just make you tired!

  2. Just remember, you and your family are FAR more important than company! YOU deserve a nice looking house :)