Friday, February 18, 2011


That the sounds of my brain bubbling out of my ears.  Work has been Cuh-Razy lately!  I can't keep up with the weird.  I got into a rather heated e-mail exchange with someone at our corporate office who has MUCH more power than I do.  But, I knew I was right and I was willing to take a stand.  Guess what?  It totally paid off and they apologized for their aggressive approach.  I love getting results like that. 

Speaking of results...  Tuesday mornings weigh-in?  Same.  I think I'm going to try to eat small snacks through the day because I think maybe I've thrown my metabolize all out of whack with the lack of food.  We'll see if I notice any difference on the scale Monday. 

My house is in shambles, but ya know.. sometimes that happens?  I'm still gearing myself up to start my FlyLady lovin', but I know that unless I'm 100% committed, it ain't gonna work.  I'm getting there though and once things calm down with work I think I'll be ready to dive in.  Hubbs promised that he would do the dishes before I got home from work today so I'm crossing my fingers that a clean sink will greet me this evening.

Hope all of you loverly ladies are doing great.  HAPPY WEEKEND!

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